The Board Member Tool Kit
A Guide for Community Association Leaders

ISBN: 978-159618-071-0
2014, 120 pages
3rd edition
Product Format: Book
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Whether board members manage an association by themselves or have help from professional managers, it's a big responsibility. The Board Member Tool Kit gives board members an overview of that responsibility and points them to the information, tools and resources they need to be successful. Includes more than two dozen sample documents.
(Board members who join CAI may request one FREE Board Member Tool Kit with membership. Please call toll free 888-224-4321 to request your free copy.)
Governing Documents
The Role of the Board
The Role of the President
The Role of the Secretary
The Role of the Treasurer
Working with a Professional Manager
Working with Professional Partners
The Importance of Meetings
Electing Board Members
Finding Volunteers
Selecting Contractors
Communicating with Residents
How to Get the Most from Your CAI Membership
Community Association Fundamentals
Rights and Responsibilities for Better Communities
Model Code of Ethics for Community Association Board Members
Governance Guidelines

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