The Pursuit of Parking

ISBN: 0-944715-82-6
2004, 86 pages
1st edition
Author(s): Thomas J. Hindman, Esq. and Loura K. Sanchez, Esq.
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Restore order in the lot and harmony among the residents with the ultimate "how to" parking manual for community associations.

  • How to restrict locations and vehicles without restricting community spirit.
  • How to facilitate compliance without frustrating residents.
  • How to tow without incurring liability.
  • How to follow the Fair Housing Act without being unfair to anyone.
  • How to increase space without paving over the lawn.

Guaranteed to cure your association's parking headaches!

"This book contains highly beneficial information on parking issues and how to deal with them. The many excellent sample policies, forms, and case summaries are real time savers."
Jerry D. Boswell, DBA, CFA, Highlands Ranch, CO

"A well written book that provides protections to boards and managers."
Jeffery Van Grack, Esq., Bethesda, MD


Chapter 1—Why Parking is Driving You Crazy
The Root of the Problem
The Association's Perspective
The Owners' and Residents' Perspective
Parking Policies: The Law of the Lot
Important Differences in Rules and Regulations

PART I: Drafting and Revising Parking Policies

Chapter 2—Spots, Slots, and Spaces: Defining Terms
Sample Definitions
Chapter 3—Park It Where?: Restricting Locations
Designated Parking
Rent-a-Space: License and Lease Options
Reserved Parking
Exclusive Use of a Space
Playing the Slots
Sample Documents
Parking Space License Agreement
Chapter 4—Parking Lot Blues: Restricting Vehicles
Commercial and Recreational Vehicles
Abandoned, Inoperable, and Unlicensed Vehicles
Nuisance Vehicles
Chapter 5—Putting on the Brakes: Restricting People and Activities
Guest Parking
Interference and Blocking
The Weekend Mechanic: Repairs
The Race for Space: Speed Limits

PART II—Achieving Compliance

Chapter 6—Pulling In: Facilitating Compliance
Approaches to Enforcement
A Formal Process
Facilitating Compliance
The Importance of Education
Sample Documents
Parking Violation Log
Complaint Form
Chapter 7—Hard Times in the Parking Lot: The Mechanics of Enforcement
Driven Away: Abandoning and Waiving Rules
The Enforcement Policy
Paying the Costs of Violation
Playing in Traffic: Enforcement on Public Streets
Chapter 8—Processing Violations
Safety Inspection: Verifying the Violation
Providing Notice
Conducting a Hearing
Issuing a Decision
The Appeals Process
Sample Documents
Friendly Letter
Formal Letter #1: Second Notification
Formal Letter #2: Second Notification
Form #1: Notice of Violation
Form #2: Notice of Violation
Car Sticker #1: Notice of Violation
Car Sticker #2: Notice of Violation
Decision Notice

Chapter 9—Running Out of Room: Seven Ways to Increase Available Parking

Chapter 10—Remedies: War, and Peace, and...Towing
The Pros and Cons of Towing

PART III—Special Considerations

Chapter 11—Handicapped Parking: What's Space Got to Do With It?
Reasonable Accommodations
Who Pays?
The Bottom Line
Sample Documents
Letter to a Disabled Resident
Instructions for Requesting an Accommodation

PART IV—Appendices

Appendix A—Web Links
Appendix B—Parking-Related Case Summaries

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