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Copyright Free Articles, Vol 3
for Community Association Newsletters & Websites

ISBN: 978-1-59618-090-1
2017, 97 pages
Product Format: Book
Item #: 0901
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If you find it difficult to write newsletter articles, letters, website copy, or reports, this collection of pre-written articles is for you. You’re sure to find the perfect article to use when communicating with residents. Articles cover finances, meetings, rules, governance, maintenance, security, volunteers, and much more.

Volume 3 offers another100 ready-made articles yours for the publishing! Filling your website and newsletters with timely, pertinent and interesting articles has never been easier. Customize articles for your readers, personalize with association-specific details, adapt, edit—use them anyway you like.
This is the best benefit I have as a manager member of CAI! Every month I make copies of articles for my board members, giving them a little education here and there, and it is always hard to find articles that pertain in this way. I used three of the stories for my meeting tonight! Thanks!
Shanna Schlottman, Torrance, CA
I just wanted to let you know how valuable these articles are for us to use in our monthly newsletter. With just a bit of tweaking on our part, we've got a great article(s) for our residents with a lot of useful and interesting information. Thanks again for making our job a little bit easier.
Tanya Killebrew, Riverview, FL


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