Condo Living 2
The Authoritative Guide to Buying, Selling, and Operating a Condominium

ISBN: 978-1-938018-01-5
2013, 252 pages
Author(s): Robert M. Meisner
Product Format: Book
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Condominium living is not for everyone. Anyone considering it should be aware of the legal and practical aspects of condominium living. Fortunately, this book has everything you need to know about condominium living.

Part 1: Buying and Selling a Condo
1.       Understanding Condos and their Terms
2.       Understanding Local, State, and Federal Statutes and Regulations
3.       Purchasing a Condo as Your Primary Residence
4.       Purchasing a Condo as an Investment
5.       Vacation Homes and Taxes
6.       Guidelines to Selling a Condo
7.       Legal Issues for Co-owners and Tenants
Part 2: Operation of a Condominium Association
8.     The Board of Directors
9.     The Developer and Transition to Co-owner Control
10.   The Condo Association Attorney, Managing Agent, CPA, and Insurance Agent
11.   Potential and Actual Problems for Condominium Associations
12.   Condo Rules Are Not Made to be Broken
13.   Assessment Collection: The Lifeblood of the Association
14.   When the Developer Walks Away from the Project
15.   Condoms, Condominiums and Conception
16.   Why Most Condominium Projects Need FHA Certification
Part 3: Sound Advice
17.   Final Thoughts on Condo Living
18.   Newspaper Columns and Anecdotes from Legal Beagles

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