Perfect Phrases for Icebreakers
Phrases to Set the Stage for Productive Conversations, Meetings, and Events

ISBN: 978-0-071783-82-8
2013, 176 pages
Author(s): Runion & Windingland
Product Format: Book
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How you begin a business conversation or meeting sets the stage for success. But coming up with just the right words can be another matter. Here are hundreds of ready-to-use phrases to get your interactions off on the right foot. From jump-starting meetings to motivating boards to turning any situation into a positive event, this streamlined guide provides you with the right words to:
• Highlight important topics in meetings or conversations
• Motivate people to share resources and support
• Add levity to personal or group interactions
• Inspire collaboration and creativity
• Pique curiosity about your message
A great resource for board members and managers in their dealings with residents.  

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