Best Practices: Strategic Planning

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Strategic planning is more than ensuring your association will remain financially sound and be able to maintain its reserves—it's projecting where your association expects to be in five, ten, or fifteen years-and how your association will get there. It is a systematic planning process involving a number of steps that identify the current status of the association, including its mission, vision for the future, operating values, needs, goals, prioritized actions and strategies, action plans, and monitoring plans. This Best Practices Report, published by the Foundation for Community Association Research, includes performance benchmarks on how to establish a strategic plan as well as case studies that illustrate the implementation of those benchmarks in real communities.

Strategic Planning is also available as a free PDF download. However, for those who want a printed version, it is available here at cost.


Section One: The Basics of Strategic Planning
  Strategic Planning Definition and Philosophy

Section Two: Strategic Planning Models

  Model 1: Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs)
  Model 2: Applied Strategic Planning
  Model 3: ICMA Strategic Development
Applying Strategies in Community Associations
Strategic Planning in Your Community

Section Three: Components of Strategic Planning
  Plan Development
  Plan Execution
  Plan Review
  Use of a Consultant

Case Studies of Strategic Planning
  Case Study #1: Village at Craig Ranch Homeowners Association
  Case Study #2: Desert Shores Community Association
  Case Study #3: Pelican Cove Condominium Association, Inc.
  Case Study #4: Crystal Lakes Road and Recreation Association
  Case Study #5: Siena Community Association
  Case Study #6: Tellico Village

Appendix A: Long Range Planning Process

Additional Resources

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