Pet Policies
How Community Associations Maintain Peace & Harmony

ISBN: 978-0-944715-98-7
2005, 36 pages
2nd edition
Author(s): Debra H. Lewin
Editor(s): Christopher Durso
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Pet Policies has been described by reviewers as "a blueprint for how to deal with one of the most troublesome issues." It offers practical suggestions, helpful alternatives, and information on societal issues that impact your association's approach to pets. Learn how to get the poop scooped and keep the EPA happy.

  • Find out how to draft rules that pet owners will follow.
  • Read about alternatives to restrictions that really work!
  • Find out why more and more pets are exempt from pet rules—and how you can adjust to this growing trend.
  • Try the innovative enforcement ideas—before you go to court.
  • Learn how to live with residents who own exotic and dangerous pets.
  • The Clean Water Act—what does it mean for community associations with dogs?
  • How to have dog-waste-free common areas—even when residents don't cooperate.
  • What associations can do about nuisance barking. 


1. Drafting Reasonable Pet Policies
Reasonable Rules
Defining Terms
2. Encouraging Compliance
Involve the Residents
Use Your Newsletter or Website
Post Notices
Communicate With Non-Resident Owners
Try a Little Public Relations
Be a Resource to Pet Owners
Handling Resident Complaints
3. Enforcing Pet Rules
Begin With Informal, Friendly Communication
Send Written Notice
Impose Fines
Use Mediation
Call the Humane Society or the SPCA
Involve Municipal Authorities
Seek Injunctive Relief Only in Extreme Cases
4. Restrictions and Alternatives
No Pets!
Size Restrictions
Breed Restrictions
Species Restrictions
Alternatives to Restrictions

Suspend Privileges
Pet Liability Insurance
Pet Warranties
Obedience Training
Dog Parks and Tall Grass

5. Making Exceptions
Grandfather Clauses
The Federal Fair Housing Act
Service Animals
Reasonably Accommodating Service Animals
Granting Waivers for Service Animals
6. Common Problems and Solutions
Unscooped Poop
The Clean Water Act
Professional Pooper-Scooper Services
Pet Waste Stations
In-Ground Waste Digester Systems
Stray Cats
Exotic Pets
Problems with Wildlife

Members are raving!

"If we are really trying to 'put community back into the communities,' I think we need to have choice, flexibility, and options. This book has been written with this in mind."
Jean Georges, Business Reorganization, Inc.

" 'Pets' is sensible and reasonable! Its insightful look at how to handle pets should be part of every association's library."
Hal A. Barrow, Barrow & Associates

"Humor made reading easy!"
Pearline Atkinson-Stewart, Columbia Association Inc.

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