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The Condominium Concept, 14th Ed.
A Practical Guide for Officers, Owners, Realtors, Attorneys, and Directors of Florida Condominiums

ISBN: 978-1561647170
2014, 384 pages
14th edition
Author(s): Peter Dunbar, Esq,
Product Format: Book
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This classic reference for condominiums in Florida describes in clear, concise language the condominium act and laws governing condominiums, board administration and meetings, officers and committees, budgets and finance, assessments, drafting and enforcing rules, the developer's role and the transition process, resolving disputes and much more! Loaded with dozens of helpful forms, cross-referenced to Florida statutes, and indexed.
The Condominium and the Condominium Documents
The Condominium Act and the Law Governing Condominiums
Membership Meetings: Practice and Procedures
The Board of Administration and Meetings of the Board
Officers and Committees
Rules of Procedure: A Short-Hand Guide
The Budget and Financial Reports
Assessments: Levy and Collection
Promulgating Rules, Amending the Documents and Modifying the Condominium Property
The Association Authority and Responsibility
Rights and Responsibilities of the Unit Owner
The Condominium Developer and Transition
Enforcing the Documents and Resolving Disputes
Dispute Resolution and the Division of Florida Condominiums, Time Shares, and Mobile Homes
Miscellaneous Forms
Membership Meeting Forms
Board of Administration Forms
Officer and Committee Forms
Rules of Procedure Forms
Budget and Financial Report Forms
Assessment Forms
Amendment Forms
Management Forms
Forms Governing Unit Owners
Transition and Developer Forms
Enforcement Forms & Division Forms

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