Safety First - Print Book
Evaluating Risks and Developing Practical Solutions

ISBN: 978-1-59618-042-0
2023, 16 pages
Editor(s): Daniel Brannigan and Joni Lucas
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You are viewing the print version of Safety First. It is also available as a digital book.
Community association board members, managers, and business partners are regularly faced with challenging and complex issues that can spark strong emotions. However, few are prepared for violent attacks; few know how to handle aggressive behavior; and few know how to respond when their lives are on the line.

Many recognize it’s time to change that mindset, to prepare for the worst-case scenario, and to take steps to protect themselves, their colleagues, neighbors, and residents.

In CAI's new special report, Safety First: Evaluating Risks and Developing Practical Solutions, readers will find ideas, tips, and resources on community safety, conflict prevention, security options, and results from a survey of CAI members.

About Safety First
This guide was adapted from several Common Ground TM magazine articles, a survey of more than 200 CAI members in January 2023, discussions in CAI’s members-only Exchange groups, and resources previously developed by CAI.


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