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Copyright Free Articles, Vol. 1
for Community Association Newsletters & Websites

ISBN: 978-1-59618-026-0
2009, 102 pages
1st edition
Author(s): CAI
Product Format: Book
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"Our social media presence has gained a lot of exposure since we started using Copyright Free Articles." Francisco Pomare, Triquest Management Services

Community Associations Institute has long advocated that good communication with residents is essential for turning housing developments into communities and residents into neighbors. However, many professional managers and board members find it difficult to write newsletter articles or letters, create website copy or draft reports. So, CAI has tried to make this easier by drafting basic articles that managers and board members can use in any communication with community residents. For example, these articles have been used to:
  • Educate homeowners about common association functions and issues
  • Support budget increases and board decisions
  • Explain why a particular project is being undertaken
  • Provide background information on a particular issue or topic
  • Generate ideas for other articles you want to write

These articles are not copyrighted. You are expected to copy and use them any way that meets your needs. You can edit, rewrite, adapt or customize them to suit your situation. You can lift individual paragraphs and insert them in your reports, letters or announcements. How you use these articles is limited only by your imagination!



  1. What HOA Residents Have to Say
  2. What is a Community Association?
  3. Community Assns by the Numbers
  4. Go West, Young Man. And South!
  5. Who Lives in Our Community?
  6. What's So Great about Assns?
  7. Who Lives in a Community Assn?
  8. Welcome, First-Time Buyers
  9. What Do Residents Think?
  10. Community Assn Fundamentals


  1. Tips for Saving Water
  2. Indoor Water Conservation Tips
  3. Tracking Down Air Leaks
  4. Power Down, Save Money
  5. Recycle that Cell Phone


  1. About Our Insurance Agent
  2. About Our Association Attorney
  3. Reserve Specialist & the Budget
  4. What Our Accountant Does for Us
  5. Five Guidelines with Contractors
  6. Professional Landscapers


  1. Why a Fee Increase?
  2. Assessments: The Best Bargain
  3. Assessments as Important as Taxes
  4. Why Do We Need Reserves?
  5. Five Ways to Keep Fees Down
  6. Are You Adequately Insured?
  7. Working to Protect Your Money
  8. Resources to Avoid Foreclosure
  9. Excuses Not Paying Assessments
  10. Beware of Foreclosure Scams
  11. How the Budget is Prepared
  12. The Assn's Investment Policy
  13. Values Increase Faster in HOAs
  14. Surviving Job Loss
  15. Be Prepared for Financial Disasters
  16. Pay Assessments Electronically
  17. Misconceptions about Property Values
  18. Avoid Mistakes on Tax Returns
  19. Our Community's Insurance


  1. Flags in Our Community Assn
  2. What is a Board Resolution?
  3. Rights & Responsibilities
  4. Assn Documents Open to Owners
  5. What Is Strategic Planning?
  6. Who Do They Think They Are?
  7. What is Fiduciary Duty?


  1. Beyond Lawn Care
  2. Help Keep Our Community Green
  3. What's Bugging You?
  4. A Pain in the Drain?
  5. Why a Maintenance Schedule
  6. Home Improvement Reminders
  7. Curb Appeal Counts
  8. Who's Responsible for What?
  9. Flying through a Fowl Situation


  1. Calling all Homeowners
  2. Residents Welcome at Annual Meeting
  3. Get Registered. Vote!


  1. Why Scoop the Poop?
  2. Love Your Dog, Leash Your Dog
  3. Stop That Barking!
  4. Association Documents
  5. Must the Assn Approve Fence?
  6. The Essentials of Due Process
  7. Are Our Rules Reasonable?
  8. Sounds Like a Good Idea
  9. Tips for Successful Renting
  10. Renters Welcome


  1. Govt Urges Americans be Prepared
  2. How to Prepare for the Worst
  3. Importance of Fire Extinguishers
  4. Recovering from Fires
  5. Fire Safety Tips
  6. Keep Warm, but Safe
  7. Reduce Threats to Your Children
  8. Tips to Discourage Burglars
  9. Association Security Camera Policy
  10. Prepare for Influenza Pandemic


  1. Govt Support is One Click Away
  2. Free Directory Asst for Cell Phones
  3. Mortgage Loans—Do You Qualify
  4. Free Safety Info for Homeowners


  1. Running for the Board
  2. Meet the President
  3. About the Association Secretary
  4. Ten Reasons to Volunteer
  5. We Don't Need You
  6. How the Budget Committee Works

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