Drafting Rules GAP, 4th Edition - Print Book

ISBN: 978-1-59618-046-8
2024, 34 pages
4th edition
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Drafting Rules: How Community Associations Maintain Peace & Harmony is available in both print and digital formats. You are viewing the print version. Purchase the digital book here.
Nothing can cause ill will within community associations like unclear, unfocused rules.
Community associations, like society in general, depend on rules to provide certainty, order, and safety. But community associations also have a responsibility to protect commonly owned resources; rules are byproducts of the need in a community to share these resources.
Drafting Rules will help ensure that your rules are easily obeyed and enforceable. It also will provide input for rules you may have overlooked. The new edition covers the legal basis for rulemaking, offers guidelines, and contains an appendix with sample community association rules that cover practically everything from trash to the swimming pool.
Drafting Rules is one of six components of the CMCA Study Kit.

Introduction — Background and Key Points

Chapter 1 — Legal Basis for Rulemaking Powers
In-Unit Regulation
Condominium Law
Common Law

Chapter 2 — Rule Development
Writing and Amending Rules

Chapter 3 — The Components of a Good Rule

Chapter 4 — Guidelines, Edicts, and Decrees
Edicts and Decrees

Appendix — Community Association Village, Inc. Rules

Additional Resources

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