Law Seminar Proceedings 2016

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Papers from the nation’s leading experts on community association law covering the unique issues related to this specialization. CDs are fully searchable and PC & Mac compatible.
CAI Annual Law Seminar 2016
Legal Basis for Plats and Plans for Condominiums and Homeowner Associations
Robert M. Diamond, Esq.*
Your Website: Depreciating or Income-Producing Asset? 
Stephen Christopher, Loura K. Sanchez, Esq.*
Priority Lien Is Under Attack by the Feds and the Big Banks: Case Law and the Future of Super Priority Lien 
Robert M. Diamond, Esq.*, Stephen M. Marcus, Esq.*, Marvin J. Nodiff, Esq.*
Case Law Update Part I
George E. Nowack Jr., Esq.*, Wilbert Washington II, Esq.*
Prepared by Richard S.Ekimoto, Esq.*, David Firmin, Esq., Jeffrey E. Kaman, Esq., Joan Lewis-Heard, Esq., Jeremy R. Moss, Esq.*, Marvin J. Nodiff, Esq.*

Evidence and Ethics: Trying the Community Association Collection Case in the Face of Five Common Ethical Issues 
Angela Maione Costigan, Esq., Samuel J. McNulty, Esq.*
Tax Law and Tax Exemption: Updates and Effects on Community Associations 
John Knobelsdorf II, Esq., Gary Porter, CPA
Perspectives on Practicing Community Association Law 
Scott B. Carpenter, Esq.*, Ellen Hirsch de Haan, Esq.*, Lincoln W. Hobbs, Esq.*, Kevin V. Harker, Esq., Jennifer Loheac, Esq., Stephen M. Marcus, Esq.*, Marc D. Markel, Esq.*, Loura K. Sanchez, Esq.*, Scott J. Sandler, Esq.*, Lucia Anna Trigiani, Esq.*
Aging Together: Association Buildings and Residents 
Robert Browning, PCAM, RS; Karyl Dicker Foray, CIRMS; Mary M. Howell, Esq.*; Lori A.
Long, CIRMS; Phillip Masi, CIRMS; Francis McGovern Jr., Esq.; Jessica Towles, CMCA, AMS, PCAM; Clifford J. Treese, CIRMS
Case Law Update Part II 
George E. Nowack Jr., Esq.*, Wilbert Washington II, Esq.*
Prepared by Richard S. Ekimoto, Esq.*, David Firmin, Esq., Jeffrey E. Kaman, Esq., Joan Lewis-Heard, Esq., Jeremy R. Moss, Esq.*, Marvin J. Nodiff, Esq.*
Practicing from the Shadows: Depression in the Legal Profession 
David S. Mercer, Esq.*, J.E. "Buddy" Stockwell III
My Association Client Has Been Sued: How Can I Be a Hero and Make Sure Defense Fees and Costs Are Covered? 
David S. Kasdan, Esq., Joel W. Meskin, Esq.*
Associations in the Media: Why Such a Negative Image? 
Elina B. Gilbert, Esq.*, James R. McCormick Jr., Esq.
Difficult and Disabled: Strategies for Dealing with Aging in Place and Disabled "Warehousing"
Sean D. Allen, Esq., Jasmine Fisher Hale, Esq.
Avoiding Litigation and Using Alternative Dispute Resolution When You Can't 
Edward Hoffman Jr., Esq., Jennifer Wojciechowski, JD
Anatomy of a Transition Construction Defect Case: How to Make It Successful and How Statutory Requirements Can Help 
Edmund Allcock, Esq.*, Mitchell Frumkin, PE, RS, E. Richard Kennedy, Esq.*
Panel of Pundits 
Brendan P. Bunn, Esq.*, Patrick Costello, Esq.*, Jennifer Loheac, Esq., Janet L.S. Powers, Esq.*
Moderated by Scott B. Carpenter, Esq.*
Hot Topics in Community Association Law 
David J. Graf, Esq.*, W. Alexander Noland, Esq., Steven L. Sugarman, Esq.*, Raymond B.
Via Jr., Esq.
Moderated by E. Richard Kennedy, Esq.* 
So the Case Didn't Settle, Now What? An A to Z Experience of Trial Preparation Through Post-Trial Motions 
Judge Jonathan Cannon, Steven S. Rosenman, Esq.
Mixed Use Is All Mixed Up! 
Jeffrey A. Beaumont, Esq.*, Matt D. Ober Esq.*
Wouldn't Debtors' Prisons Be More Effective? 
Katherine Bushey, Esq., Christopher A. Jones, Esq., Edward J. O'Connell, Esq.
The Attorney/Client Privilege and Confidentiality in Community Associations 
Michael S. Karpoff, Esq.*, Amy Tinetti, Esq.
Intellectual Property Issues for Community Associations 
Geoffrey A. Lottenberg, Esq., Joel Martin McTague, Esq.
Getting Your Association’s Electronic Pocket Picked: Cyber and Technology Risks 
Michael Cavanaugh, RPLU, Kevin Davis, CIRMS, Evan Fenaroli, RPLU, Nick Graf, CAN, Robin C. Manougian, CIRMS, Michael Schleich, Robert A. Travis, CIRMS, Clifford J.
Treese, CIRMS
Golf and the Association: Trying Times for Both 
Mary M. Howell, Esq.*, P. Michael Nagle, Esq.*
Amending Governing Documents: Providing Effective Legal Counsel (and Effective
Marion A. Aaron, Esq., Allen B. Warren, Esq.
Pet Regulations, Pet Peeves and Pets That Aren't Pets 
Laura Brandow, Esq., Carmen Rowe, Esq.
*CCAL Fellow

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