How Community Associations Collect Assessments

ISBN: 978-59618-018-5
2008, 32 pages
Author(s): Loura K. Sanchez, Esq., and Thomas J. Hindman, Esq.
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What authority does a community association have for collecting assessments? What should collections policies cover and what procedures should an association follow to collect delinquencies? What practical and legal remedies are available to associations to collect delinquencies? Find out how to document your case in court and how to meet the most common defenses delinquent owners use. This guide will help you minimize loss to the association when owners file bankruptcy and explain how the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act can effect the association when they file. Includes a sample collections policy resolution and two sample collection letters.


Chapter 1—Authority for Assessment Collections
Assessment Collection Procedures
Assessment Collection Policies
Chapter 2—Legal Remedies for Collection
Demand Letters
Lawsuits for Money
Assessment Liens
Foreclosing Assessment Liens
Appointing a Receiver
Chapter 3—Additional Collection Aids
Notice of Sale
Publishing Names of Delinquent Owners
Suspending Privileges and Terminating Utility Service
Chapter 4—Other Important Considerations
Fair Debt Collections Practices Act
Sample Delinquency Letter
Sample Delinquency Letter 2
Sample Resolution

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