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Be Reasonable!
How Community Associations Can Enforce Rules Without Antagonizing Residents, Going to Court or Starting World War III

ISBN: 0-941301-40-0
2014, 63 pages
2014 edition
Author(s): Kenneth M. Budd
Product Format: Book
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Community associations enforce rules and restrictions to ensure a high quality of life for residents and to preserve property values—not to harass residents. Rules are there to prevent homeowners from painting their houses pink or storing washing machines in their yards—but those same rules should not become overzealous or inflexible.

Be Reasonable shows you how to write and enforce rules that won't get your association in trouble and won't cause residents to hold recall elections.

Be Reasonable is a compendium of expert opinions from over 30 leading community association attorneys, managers and directors combined with information from CAI's award-winning magazine Common Ground. You'll learn effective strategies for drafting and enacting reasonable rules, identifying unreasonable rules and restrictions and working with owners. You'll also find out more about reasonable enforcement procedures—from making exceptions to providing due process. Practical applications are illustrations through discussion of court cases and real-life controversies.

Some of the topics covered in Be Reasonable include:

  • Writing Reasonable Rules
  • Understanding Rules and Restrictions
  • Reasonable Enforcement Strategies
  • Mediating Disputes
  • Levying Fines
  • Controversial Rules and Restrictions
  • Children
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Satellite Dishes
  • Vehicles
  • Eliminating Unreasonable Rules

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