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The Road Repair Handbook

ISBN: 0-9719872-0-3
2002, 299 pages
Author(s): Roderick D. Johnston
Product Format: Book
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If you maintain any type of road, this book should be in your library. Written for anyone who wants an understanding of how to plan and manage the time, money, and labor needed for community road repair and improvement.

Includes 60 illustrations and photographs
List of illustrations, appendices, metric conversion chart, glossary, and index are included.

Reader comments

"This book has something for everyone. It's an excellent source for large-scale associations particularly because they have to manage mixed infrastructures. But, it makes any manager an informed planner and supervisor of this type of work. In fact, I've already recommended it to two of my clients. It's even useful for self-managed associations because it shows them they can't do it by themselves—they need help, and it shows exactly what kind of help they need."
Betsy Johns, CEO, Assurance Management Services, Inc.

"This manual is the nuts and bolts of roadway repair. There's nothing like it in print today."
Terry Lukan, Senior Construction Inspector, City of Issaquah


Introduction: Who Is This Book For?

Chapter One: Living Together On Private Roads

Private roads and driveways differ from public roads
Privately owned and maintained roadways exist everywhere.
To cope or not to cope with roadway restoration.

Chapter Two: Roadway Decay and Cheap Improvements

Read your land and determine its natural characteristics.
Why unimproved dirt and gravel roads are inherently weak.
How everyday traffic damages unimproved dirt and gravel roadways.
Cheap and quick fixes.
Altering driving patterns to reduce roadway damage.

Chapter Three: The Mechanics of Permanently Restoring Unimproved Roadways

Construction procedures for restoring and rebuilding damaged roadways.
Typical roadway construction sequencing.
Sounds great, but our road is too narrow. What can we do?
How can a turnout work for me if I can't see down the road?

Chapter Four: The Mechanics of Restoring Hard Surfaced Roadways

How to determine if your pavement is failing.
Inspecting your pavement.
Spot repairing cracked and broken pavement.
Wholesale repairs and replacement of failed pavement.
Options for dealing with cracked and broken concrete.
Preparing roadways for pavement.
Deciding between asphalt and concrete.

Chapter Five: Some Other Things You Should Know

Optimal conditions for performing road restoration or new construction
Surprises and unknowns when dealing with roadwork
Construction equipment required for restoration and repair work.
Materials and supplies required for restoration and repair work.
Choosing culvert and pipe material.

Chapter Six: Working With Your Neighbors

Almost in-laws.
Beginning the road association process.
Establishing a road association.
Working together as a road association.
Agreeing on technical items.
Who will handle the money?
Dealing without full neighbor participation.
We can't afford this now. What can we do?
Boundary disputes.

Chapter Seven: Doing It Yourself

Choosing the proper equipment.
Soils and their affect on choosing compaction equipment.
Renting equipment with special accessories and attachments.
Installing culverts.
Common pitfalls and how to avoid them.
Typical budget busters.
What else can we do to save money?
Improving your odds of doing it right the first time.
Rules of thumb and painful truths.

Chapter Eight: Finding Help

Choosing the right contractor.
What about construction contracts and bids?
Contractor warranty.
More friendly advice concerning contractors.
Which types of consultants might we need?
Finding the right consultants.
You can volunteer. You can help.

Chapter Nine: Maintaining Your Investment

Ways to preserve your roadway investment.
Is this it? Are we finished putting money into our road?
New home construction and its impact on roadways.
Learning more.
Happy trails.


Robinswood Drive construction project spreadsheets.
Metric designs.
Unit measurement conversion tables.
Professional Associations.



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