The Great Condo Heist, a Novel

ISBN: 9798218120146
Author(s): Marvin J. Nodiff
Product Format: Book
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Condo lawyer Joshua Fyler hopes a weekend bicycle trip in farmland will restore normalcy to his life. But crazy lurks around the bend.
His old friend and mayor of Cornerstone, facing a tough re-election, needs two favors: she wants Joshua to investigate a cyberattack that crippled the city and help an aging condo suffering from dysfunction and disrepair.
Things become more complicated when a developer seeks to replace the condo with a pricy new apartment building. And a new case comes in: an HOA board is sued for using artificial intelligence to find violations.
Who's behind the ransom demand? How can the mayor keep her job and the condo owners keep their homes? How will Joshua defend AI?
When a suspicious death occurs at the condo, Joshua's former investigative partner Phoebe Roark suspects a deeper scheme is afoot. A reporter with a complex personality and the drive of a slow-turning drill, Phoebe uncovers unexpected twists and dangers.
Greed drives and ethics are roadkill as the reader moves from Missouri's calm countryside to bustling Barcelona in this witty, page-turning comedy-mystery.
Can Joshua and Phoebe survive their new collaboration? What's at stake in The Great Condo Heist?
About the author
Marv Nodiff is a pioneer in community association law and a founding member of the College of Community Association Lawyers. He leads a double life as a novelist, capturing all the foibles of community association living in his humorous and engaging mysteries.

Through attorney Joshua Fyler, Marv captures the essence of community association business with humor, insight, and intelligence. Anyone working—or volunteering—in or for a community association will recognize Joshua, his associates and their board-member clients. Groan or laugh, you're guaranteed to find a character you know.

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