Guides for Association Practitioners-Full Set on CD
26 titles on one CD

ISBN: 978-1-59618-074-1
2014, 1100 pages
2 edition
Author(s): Various
Product Format: CD-ROM
Item #: 0741
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A complete library at your fingertips covering community association management, governance and operations.

Since 1976, board members and association professionals have been relying on the Guides for Association Practitioners for expert guidance. These 26 frequently-revised guides bring valuable insight, advice and solutions to practically every problem you will encounter in your community. This new CD contains the latest edition of every GAP in the series. Many of these extremely user-friendly guides also include useful references as well as sample documents and forms.

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How to Find the Right Community Association Professional
Board Roles and Responsibilities in Community Associations
How Community Associations Collect Assessments
Member Dues
How Community Associations Maintain Peace & Harmony (AKA enforcing rules)
How Community Associations Protect Themselves
How Community Associations Maintain Common Areas
Trees, Turf & Shrubs
Curb Appeal




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