The Pinball Lawyer: A Novel

ISBN: 9780578482682
Author(s): Marvin J. Nodiff
Product Format: Book
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The sixth novel in Marv Nodiff's Joshua Fyler series. 
Condo lawyer Joshua Fyler likes routine in his routine.
But that changes overnight when a drone attacks an HOA, a greedy investor threatens to convert a condo into an apartment complex, and legislators push for Airbnb in all community associations. An HOA president wants to run for local office, but her opponent would be the cunning owner of an ad agency with sharp elbows.
Worse yet, while Joshua is flipped from one crisis to the next, a powerful mega-law firm expands its practice to compete with his boutique shop. BIG LAW declares war and starts stealing his clients by promising better services at lower fees. A trickle of clients abandons Joshua, but the stream soon becomes a torrent.
Alarmed when he starts losing in court, Joshua searches for answers. Why are BIG LAW’s cases given deference in court? Is the judge too friendly? Who is the crack researcher that BIG LAW keeps under wraps?
Facing an existential threat to his livelihood, Joshua must fashion a new bag of tricks capable of digital combat and an old-fashioned alley fight. He calls in favors from a cybercrime expert, a former law school classmate, and a journalist.
But will it be enough to salvage his reputation? Is he the silver ball or the flipper? Or did the machine go tilt for The Pinball Lawyer?
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Marv Nodiff is a pioneer in community association law (now retired), a founding member of the College of Community Association Lawyers, a university law professor, and he leads a double life as a novelist, capturing all the foibles of community association living in his humorous and engaging mysteries. Through attorney Joshua Fyler, Marv captures the essence of community association business with humor, insight, and intelligence. Anyone working—or volunteering—in or for a community association will recognize Joshua, his associates and their board-member clients. Groan or laugh, you're guaranteed to find a character you know.

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