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The Ultimate Guide to Pool Maintenance

ISBN: 978-0-07-147017-9
2007, 579 pages
3rd edition
Author(s): Terry Tamminen
Product Format: Book
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Clean water is essential to enjoying a pool, spa, or water feature. Much has been learned about achieving that goal, especially with new technologies and water treatment methods developed over the last decade, but the knowledge is useless if not put in the hands of service technicians, association managers and homeowners alike.

The Ultimate Guide to Pool Maintenance provides clear, detailed information on everything from plumbing to chemistry. It presents technical information and practical tricks of the trade in a format that will benefit the novice or the "old pro." This Guide will help everyone who deals with pools, spas, and water features be more professional and successful.

The secrets of water maintenance trade professionals are revealed in this detailed guide to keeping pools, spas, and other recreational water containment units in tip-top shape.

Offers inside-out coverage of chlorine alternatives, automation, noise control, pool-side safety, portable spas—and everything from minor maintenance to major fixes and remodeling.

A must for pool maintenance and spa technicians, this book includes environmentally friendly product resources, along with troubleshooting tips and project checklists that make caring for a pool or spa less costly.

Includes Quick Start Guides and difficulty ratings for each procedure. Filled with hundreds of detailed illustrations.
The Pool Manual is the most treasured book in my CAI library. I oversee 8 pools and spas. Since
purchasing this book, I never feel that a pool management company is taking advantage of me because I
have my trusty book to review prior to approving any maintenance proposals, and I can speak
knowledgeably about the proposed repairs. The book is well written and easy to understand. I highly
recommend this book for any manager of a community that has pools and/or spas.
Betty Valenti, CPO
On-Site Manager
Lutz, Florida


Chapter 1: The Pool and Spa
How Much Does It Hold?
Types of Pools and Spas
Pools and Spa Design and Construction
Chapter 2: Basic Plumbing Systems
Main Drains
General Plumbing Guidelines
PVC Plumbing
Copper Plumbing
Miscellaneous Plumbing
Sizing of Plumbing
Chapter 3: Advanced Plumbing Systems
Manual Three-Port Valves
Motorized/Automated Three-Port Valve Systems
Reverse Flow and Heater Plumbing
Gate and Ball Valves
Check Valves
Solar Heating Systems
Water Level Controls
Chapter 4: Pumps and Motors
Strainer Pot and Basket
Seal Plate and Adapter Bracket
Shaft and Shaft Extender
Horsepower and Hydraulics Equals Sizing
Maintenance and Repairs
Motor Covers
Submersible Pumps and Motors
Cost of Operation
Booster Pumps and Motors for Spas
Basic Electricity
Electrical Panel
Ground Fault Interrupter
Something Better
Chapter 5: Filters
Makes and Models
Repair and Maintenance
Chapter 6: Heaters
Gas-Fueled Heaters
Electric-Fueled Heaters
Solar-Fueled Heaters
Heat Pumps
Oil-Fueled Heaters
Makes and Models
Installation, Repairs, and Maintenance
Chapter 7: Additional Equipment
Time Clocks
Remote Controls
Hard Wired Remote Control
Flow Meters
Diving Boards, Slides, Ladders, and Rails
Safety Barriers
Automatic Pool Cleaners
Chapter 8: Water Chemistry
Demand and Balance
Components of Water Chemistry
Water Testing
Water Treatment
Chapter 9: Cleaning and Servicing
Pool Cleaning Procedures
Chapter 10: Special Procedures
Draining a Pool
Breaking-in New Plaster
Leak Repair
Remodeling Techniques
Chapter 11: Water Features
Koi Ponds
Waterfalls and the Vanishing Edge
Chapter 12: Commercial Pools
Types of Commercial Pools
Volume Calculations
Commercial Equipment
Chapter 13: 50 Things Your Pool or Spa Can Do for Our Environment
Energy Conservation
Water Conservation

Labor Reference Guide
Reference Sources and Websites

About the Author

Terry Tamminen has spent 25 years in the pool and spa industry in Florida, California, and West
Africa. His passion for clean water extends to the marine environment, where he works with the
International Water Keeper Alliance to restore and protect coastal waters in the United States and
abroad. Terry serves as the Executive Director of Environment Now, a non-profit foundation
dedicated to the restoration of natural resources.


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