Best Practices: Ethics

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2014 edition
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It is increasingly important for companies and community leaders to adopt and follow an ethical framework. Making the “right” decision is not always easy, but having a code of ethics or policy guidelines in place can certainly help. What kinds of gifts, if any, can be accepted? What behaviors are encouraged and fostered and, conversely, what actions are frowned up—or can even jeopardize your job, credential or position? This publication offers guidance on how to create and implement tools and policies to ensure that ethical behavior is clearly defined and that consistent practices are employed in your workplace or community.
The report includes four case studies, a survey of management company executives and large-scale managers on ethics, CAI’s various codes of ethics and related policies and standards, a sample code of ethics from two
organizations and a comprehensive list of resources offering more information on ethics.
Ethics is also available as a free PDF download. However, for those who want a printed version, it is available here at cost.
What Is Ethics?
What Is Business Ethics?
Section 1. Developing a Code of Ethics for Your
Process for Developing a Code of Ethics
Section 2. Managing Ethics in the Workplace
Ten Benefits of Managing Ethics in the Workplace
Enforcement Process and Protocol
Section 3. CAI’s Ethical Framework
Professional Manager Code of Ethics
Professional Reserve Specialist
(RS) Code of Ethics
Reserve Specialist (RS) Code Clarification Document
Community Insurance & Risk Management Specialist (CIRMS) Code of Ethics
CIRMS Code Clarification Document
Code of Ethics Enforcement
Procedures for Community Associations Institute’s Designation Ethics Committee
Model Code of Ethics for Community Association Board Members
Section 4. Unethical Conduct
Where Can Unethical Conduct Occur?
Ethical Decision Making
Case Studies: Ethical Dilemmas
Case 1: Cooper Management
Case 2: Village Oaks Master Planned Community
Case 3: Oakridge Office Condominiums
Case 4: Green Management—Maggie Clark
Section 5. Best Practices Ethics Survey
Section 6. Best Practices – Solutions
Ewa by Gentry Policy Resolution:
Code of Ethics for Board and Committee Members
Hammersmith Management Company
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
Additional Resources
About the Foundation for Community Association Research
About Community Associations Institute (CAI)

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