The Dark Condos-A Novel
A Novel

ISBN: 978-0-615-95984-9
2014, 398 pages
Author(s): Marvin Nodiff
Product Format: Book
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Every community association has rules, but what happens when a board uses a surveillance drone to find the violations? What could possibly go wrong?

When the directors of a condo board hit the lottery and win millions of dollars, everyone should be celebrating. What could possibly go wrong?

Condo attorney Joshua Fyler soon learns that a lot can go wrong—and not just for his clients. He’s being investigated by the feds. Is he laundering funds through nonexistent —dark—condos? Through serendipitous connections he gets help from an unlikely European private investigator whose special research techniques are so unique even Joshua doesn’t want to know.

The Dark Condos takes the reader on an entertaining, smart, and quirky ride from a romantic vacation in Brussels, that goes south in France; from misguided condo boards to the joys of community living; from tangled disputes to common ground; from failure to balancing work and love; and, finally, to lessons learned from a stranger.

CAI’s own Marvin Nodiff, known for his unique futuristic view of community associations, takes another prescient look in his novel, The Dark Condos.
Marv Nodiff has written four Joshua Fyler novels. The Dark Condos is the third and The Condo Kerfuffle is the fourth. All Marv's novels, including the first two Special Assessment and No Spitting on the Floor are available from CAI Press.
I urge everyone to check out attorney Marv Nodiff’s book The Dark Condos. His story is full
of real-life community association management challenges. I’ve read the first three and they 
are REALLY funny and, boy, could I relate! 
   Margey Meyer, CMCA, PCAM, President and CEO 
   Community Association Dispute Resolution Experts LLC
About the Author: Marv Nodiff is a pioneer in community association law, a founding member of the College of Community Association Lawyers, a top St. Louis attorney, a university law professor, and he leads a double life as a novelist, capturing all the foibles of community association living in his humorous and engaging mysteries. Through attorney Joshua Fyler, Marv Nodiff captures the essence of community association business with humor, insight and intelligence. Anyone working in or for a community association will recognize Joshua, his associates and their board-member clients. Groan or laugh, you're guaranteed to find a character you know.

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