A Guide for the Small Community Association

ISBN: 978-1-59618-055-0
2010, 125 pages
3rd edition
Editor(s): Debra Lewin and Ellen Hirsch de Haan, Esq.
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Self-managing volunteer boards of small community associations face the challenge of having to govern and manage their communities. Self-Management skillfully combines practical guidance from these two very different directions-something no other book on community association management has done.

This guide specifically addresses this unique role of the self-managing board, and provides an overview of financial management, insurance, meetings, communications, taking over from the developer, and federal and state regulations. Each chapter contains an annotated list of related resources and the appendix contains model documents, sample forms, and helpful checklists.

Self-Management also provides information on governing documents, enforcing rules, working with professionals, maintenance, public policy, and important legal considerations like fair housing and fair debt collection.

Dozens of community association professionals and industry experts contributed their expertise to this useful reference guide. Even some professional managers find this book helpful.


Part I: Areas of Responsibility

Chapter 1: An Overview of Community Associations
The Evolution of Community Associations
Types of Community Associations
Something for Everyone
Taking Over From the Developer

Chapter 2: The Unique Role of a Self-Managing Board
The Board's Leadership Role
The Board's Management Role

Chapter 3: Association Governing Documents
Federal Law
State Law
Local Ordinances
Secondary Mortgage Market
Case Law
Association Governing Documents

Chapter 4: Developing and Enforcing Rules
Developing Rules
Drafting Good Rules
Adopting Rules
Publishing and Recording Rules
Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Going to Court

Part II: Areas of Operation

Chapter 5: Working With Professionals
Finding the Right One
The Attorney
The Accountant
The Reserve Specialist
The Insurance Agent

Chapter 6: Conducting Meetings
Prepare Ahead of Time
Parliamentary Procedure
Getting Outside Help
Types of Meetings
Providing Notice

Chapter 7: Maintenance
Define Maintenance Responsibility
Routine and Preventative Maintenance
Level of Maintenance
Points to Include in an RFP or Contract
Scheduled Maintenance
Unscheduled Maintenance

Chapter 8: Lines of Communications
Community Association Publications
Information Technology
Media Relations
The Local Community
Communicating with Government Officials

Chapter 9: Financial Management
Financial Policies
Keeping Records
Other Financial Considerations

Chapter 10: The Public Policy Process
Simple Steps for Getting Involved

Part III: Legal Considerations

Chapter 11: The Fair Housing Act
Families With Children
Housing for Older Persons
Discrimination Against the Disabled
Protections for Self Managers

Chapter 12: The FCC's Antenna Rules
The Telecommunications Act
Antenna Policies

Chapter 13: Fair Debt Collection

Chapter 14: Hiring Practices
Require an Application
The Interview
Drug Testing
Employment Policies


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