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Lawn Gone
Low-Maintenance, Sustainable, Attractive Alternatives for Your Yard

ISBN: 978-160774-314-9
192 pages
Author(s): Pam Penick
Product Format: Book
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A colorful guide covering the basics of replacing a traditional lawn with a
wide variety of easy-care, no-mow, drought-tolerant, money-saving options that will
appeal to today's busy, eco-conscious homeowner.
Homeowners spend billions of hours—and dollars—watering, mowing, and maintaining their lawns.
You don’t have to be one of them. Free yourself with Lawn Gone!, a colorful,
accessible guide to the basics of replacing a traditional lawn with a wide variety of easy-care,
no-mow, low-water, money-saving options. It includes:
•  alternative grasses that seldom (or never) need mowing
•  drought-tolerant, eco-friendly landscapes
•  regional plant recommendations for all parts of the country
•  artificial turf that looks like the real thing
•  step-by-step lawn-removal methods 
•  strategies for dealing with neighbors and HOAs
•  ways to minimize your lawn if you’re not ready to go all the way
Whether you’re a beginner or expert gardener, green thumb or black, Lawn
Gone!provides realistic choices, achievable plans, and simple instructions for
renovating your yard from start to finish.
“The great American lawn is ubiquitous, but it’s not right for everyone.
Lawn Gone! is a must-read for those considering downsizing or eliminating their lawns in favor of a tastier mix of
low-maintenance flowers, shrubs, ground covers, native plants, and paved or mulched areas. Pam’s detailed information
and common-sense advice gives you the confidence that you can do it.”-Steve Bender, Southern Living magazine
Part I: Beyond the Lawn
1. Exploring the Possibilities
2. Grasses You’ll Never (or Seldom) Mow
3. Ground-Covering Plants
4. Small Perennials and Shrubs
5. Places to Walk, Places to Sit
6. Ponds, Pavilions, Play Spaces, and Other fun Features
7. Downsizing the Lawn
Part II: Out with the Grass, In with a Garden
8. Lawn, Begone! The Pros, Cons, and How-Tos of Grass Removal
9. Designing and Installing Your Hardscape
10. Bed Preparation and Planting
11. Keeping It Alive: Ongoing Maintenance Tips
Part III: the Politics, Health, and Safety of Going Lawnless
12. Contending with HOAs and City Codes
13. Working with Skeptical Neighbors
14. Unwelcome Guests: Ticks, Deer, and Rodents
15. Fire-Resistant Landscaping
Regional Plant Recommendations
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