Perfect Phrases for Conflict Resolution
Phrases for Encouraging a More Productive and Efficient Work Environment

ISBN: 978-0-071756-16-7
2014, 176 pages
1st edition
Author(s): Polsky and Gerschel
Product Format: Book
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Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. When you have the right words and phrases at your command, you can quickly resolve any disagreement—and prevent it from spreading into an uncontrollable fire. This book has hundreds of ready-to-use phrases, dialogs and practice scripts to help you rise above the conflict and focus on solving the problem, whether it's with an employee, boss, customer, supplier or coworker. This handy, quick-reference guide provides effective language for dealing with:
•A micromanaging supervisor
•An underperforming employee
•A peer's disruptive work habits
•Unreasonable or unethical customer requests
•Abrupt, rude and unprofessional coworkers

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