Best Practices: Transition

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Transition is a term that has evolved in recent years to describe the general process by which the control and responsibilities of the governing board of a community association are transferred from the developer to the persons who bought homes in the community association. Transition is not a single event, such as the election of an owner-controlled governing board or the execution of a settlement agreement regarding construction defects in the common property. It is a multi-stage process of many events taking place over a period of time.

The purpose of this report is to provide builders and associations with guidelines they can use to develop and turn over a community association project in such a way that transition becomes much easier and less confrontational. Published by the Foundation for Community Association Research, along with CAI and the National Association of Home Builders, this report includes performance benchmarks for the transition process—from the initial inception of the project through turnover to the owners—as well as case studies that illustrate the implementation of those benchmarks in real communities.

Transition is also available as a free PDF download. However, for those who want a printed version, it is available here at cost.


Section One: Introduction

Section Two: What Is Transition?

Section Three: Case Studies
  Case Study #1: A Model for Developers
  Case Study #2: Ford’s Colony at Williamsburg
  Case Study #3:Tapatio II
  Case Study #4: Green Valley Ranch Community Association

Section Four: The Development Process

Section Five: The Challenges

  Preparation of the Documents
  Guidelines for Governance
  Maintenance of Common Property by the Association
  Financial Control
  Engineering Reports and Punch Lists

Section Six: Who Are the Parties?
  The Association
  The Manager
  The Approving Authorities

Section Seven: Emerging Strategies to Discourage Litigation

Section Eight: Attachments
  Sample Transition Agreement
  Example List of Documents to Be Turned Over

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