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Robert's Rules of Order in BRIEF
Fully Updated 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-306-82019-9
198 pages
Author(s): Robert, Honemann & Balch
Product Format: Book
Item #: R0199
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A very handy reference—small enough to take to meetings and straightforward enough to find what you need quickly.
The 2nd edition is fully updated and explains meeting motions, nominations, elections, voting, debates, amendments, and more. Includes chapters on the duties of board members and committee officers and presents lots of examples and motion summaries that make it easy for readers to grasp the basics of parliamentary procedure. Refers readers to the full text of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised for more detailed information, and contains tables and charts that simplify the seemingly complex rules for at-a-glance answers.

Part I. Why Have Rules?
Chapter 1: The "Why and Wherefore" of Meeting Rules
Part II. So You're Going to a Meeting
Chapter 2: What Happens at a Meeting?
Chapter 3: How Decisions Are Made at a Meeting: Handling Motions
Chapter 4: Debate
Chapter 5: Amendments
Chapter 6: Postponing and Referring to a Committee
Chapter 7: How Can a Group Change Its Mind?
Part III: Voting and Elections
Chapter 8: Voting
Chapter 9: Nominations and Elections
Part IV: Bylaws and Other Rules and How to Use Them
Chapter 10: What Are the Basic Types of Rules?
Chapter 11: How Are Rules Enforced and How are They Suspended?
Part V: Beyond the Basics
Chapter 12: Looking Up the Rules: How to Use Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised
Chapter 13: Frequently Asked Questions
Chapter 14: A Summary of Motions
Part VI: So, You've Been Elected (or Appointed)
Chapter 15: President or Vice President
Chapter 16: Secretary
Chapter 17: Treasurer
Chapter 18: Board Member
Chapter 19: Committee Chairman or Member
Chapter 20: Convention Delegate of Alternate

Handling Motions as Chair
When Chair Stands and Sits
Conducting a Meeting as Chair
Table of Rules Relating to Motions
Words to Use as a Member

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