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Finding the Key to Your Castle
A Guide to Cooperative Living in Your Condominium, Townhouse, or Planned Development Home

ISBN: 0-9648117-0-7
2005, 210 pages
2nd edition
Author(s): Beth Grimm and Jim Lane
Product Format: Book
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Everything an owner, potential owner, realtor, tenant, or manager-in-training needs to know about living in a common interest development explained with humor and wisdom by the Condo Guru and the knowledgeable explainer of law for common interest developments (El CID). Although based on California law, the information in this book applies to community associations everywhere, and it's sure to entertain as well as educate.


Getting Clear on the Concept

Part 1: Cooperative Living
Rights and Responsibilities
Rules and Reasons
Right, Wrongs and Expectations
What to Do When You Don't Like It
Internal Dispute Resolution and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Part 2: The Money Angle
Dues and Don'ts
Paying for the Unexpected
Part 3: Running the Ranch
Association Management
The Role of Volunteers
Part 4: For Non-Owners and Nonresident Owners
Renting a Condominium

Glossary of Terms

About the Authors

Readers love this book!

"I wish this book could be put into the hand of every owner and tenant. I like Condoguru's gutsy humor and El CID's soothing truth. It's the book I wanted to write."
Robert Hickley, PCAM, Property Manager, CAFS, Inc.

"A cleverly written and entertaining book that is full of practical advice—the Condoguru is witty and wise."
Jan Hickenbottom, PCAM, CCAM, columnist, L.A. Times

"A readable and entertaining book.fills a real gap in information about homeowner associations. First-time buyers and many current owners need to read this book."
Oliver Burford, Executive Director, Executive Council of Homeowners.

"Condoguru is a kick—a painless way to understand the concepts and reasons for the rules."
James P. Lingl, Esq., Community Association Attorney

"Loved the book! An animated way of approaching a complicated subject with insight and humor. It was both fun and informative."
Carole Murphy, PCAM, Community Association Manager, Murphy & Co.

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