The Board President - Hard Copy and Digital Book
Roles & Responsibilities in Community Associations

ISBN: 0-944715-89-5
2005, 28 pages
Author(s): Robert T. Dennistoun
Product Format: Hard Copy + eBook
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Useful both to newly elected presidents and anyone who now holds the title. Defines the dual role of the president and offers invaluable advice and suggestions on the president's relationships with the board, other association officers, and the residents. Helps to develop goals, set priorities, and to communicate them to the stakeholders. Also contains tips on governance such as using committees effectively, long-range goal planning, and promoting volunteerism and cooperation within the community.


Chapter 1: The President as Leader and Manager
Dual Roles of the President
Establishing Goals and Priorities
The Association Spokesperson
Getting Organized
Self-Education and Networking
Chapter 2: The President's Authority
Common Areas Defined
Governing Documents
Amending Documents
Required Reading
Chapter 3: Working with Volunteers and Professionals
Working with the Board
Developing Board Members' Abilities
Cultivating Potential Board Members
Working with Committees
Working with Professional Managers
Working with Other Community Association Professionals
Chapter 4: Fiduciary Responsibilities
A Higher Standard
Chapter 5: Conducting Meetings
          The Agenda
            Board Meetings
            Annual Meetings
A community association president’s actions shape the character of the community and the lifestyle of community residents. For this reason, the president must understand the role and responsibilities of the position as well as the tools of effective leadership and management.
This guide will help association presidents—as leaders and managers—through unique challenges and frustrations. While it cannot prescribe a standard set of actions to initiate in every situation, it does offer suggestions that may help the president to run the association smoothly.
Key Points
The association is both a community and a business. The president should work to enhance the lifestyle of residents and protect the value of the asset.
The president works closely with the board, manager, and residents to establish the overall goals of the association.
The president must be knowledgeable of all association governing documents, and ensure that the association operates accordingly.
The president is responsible for the association’s fiscal well being, including directing the budget process, collecting assessments, ensuring that reserves are adequately funded, and that insurance coverage is sufficient to protect the association.
The president presides at board and other meetings, prepares meeting agendas, and ensures that valid voting procedures are used.
The president identifies and trains potential association leaders.
The president works closely with professional managers and other association professionals to ensure the successful operation of the association.
As spokesperson for the community, the president must be an effective communicator.

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