The Condo Kerfuffle, A Novel

ISBN: 978-0-692-65221-3
2016, 467 pages
Author(s): Marvin J. Nodiff
Product Format: Book
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Marv Nodiff's fourth novel in the Joshua Fyler series.
The era of drones, guns and cyber-crime has created new and dangerous
disputes in community associations. Condo lawyer Joshua Fyler prefers 
to be a peacemaker for his clients, but quickly finds himself in the cross-fire.
A pastoral community with a vineyard instead of a golf course is known for its
peacefulness. Until now. Grapes and guns ferment into disputes and violence. 
Condo owners in an upscale hi-rise are enjoying life. Until now. They become
pawns in a complex chess game that threatens to alter their comfortable lifestyle.
Little does Joshua know how his innocent public comment about guns will turn his
life into a combat zone. Nor does he realize how an unstable relationship is destroying
his self-confidence. But, Joshua refuses to back down from a brawl whether in a court
of law or on a basketball court.
While dodging danger from uncooperative boards and disgruntled homeowners, Joshua
reconnects in Italy with an enigmatic fraud investigator. He returns with a strategy to fight
back using a team of unlikely folks with unique talents. Along the way, he discovers love
hiding in plain sight.
As I read each page, I kept thinking that Marv must have been shadowing me
as he wrote The Condo Kerfuffle! He’s right on point with board, owner, and
manager interactions, with the current state of acquisitions and mergers, with
over-the-top personalities, and with the types of legal and operational issues
that arise in community associations. Those who aren’t “in the business” will
still get many chuckles from the ridiculous-but-all-too-real situations and
marvel at how community association managers and attorneys still manage to
multi-task successfully through all the challenges.
   Margey Meyer, CMCA, PCAM, President and CEO
   Community Association Dispute Resolution Experts LLC
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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Marv Nodiff is a pioneer in community association
law, a founding member of the College of Community Association Lawyers,
a top St. Louis attorney, a university law professor, and he leads a double life
as a novelist, capturing all the foibles of community association living in his
humorous and engaging mysteries. Through attorney Joshua Fyler, Marv captures
the essence of community association business with humor, insight, and intelligence.
Anyone working—or volunteering—in or for a community association will recognize
Joshua, his associates and their board-member clients. Groan or laugh, you're
guaranteed to find a character you know.

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