Community Association Leadership
A Guide for Volunteers

ISBN: 978-59618-056-7
2010, 26 pages
3rd edition
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Year after year this book out sells all others from CAI Press. This perennial favorite includes the Model Code of Ethics for Community Association Board Members and Community Association Governance Guidelines. Management companies give this handy reference to clients because it educates volunteer leaders with the essential basics: the role of the board, officers and committees and the importance of fiduciary duty.
1. The Role of the Board
Officers' Roles
The President
Setting Goals
Dealing with People
Working with Professional Management
Preparing for Board Meetings
The Vice President
The Treasurer
The Secretary
2. Committees
Establishing Committees
Choosing Committee Members
Guidelines for the Committee Chair
Committee Duties
Covenants or Architectural Control Committee
Communications Committee
Finance Committee
Landscape or Maintenance Committee
Social Committee
Nominating or Election Committee
3. Fiduciary Duty
The Board as a Governing Body
The Board as a Corporate Body
Conflicts of Interest
Wrongful Acts, Negligence, Damage or Injury
Protection for Volunteers
Limited-Statutory Immunity
Board Education
Appendix 1. Model Code of Ethics for Community Association Board Members
Appendix 2. Community Association Governance Guidelines
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