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How Community Associations Maintain Common Areas

ISBN: 978-1-59618-063-5
2013, 20 pages
Editor(s): Debra H. Lewin
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Common areas, as extensions of individual homes, influence the value and marketability of all homes in a community association. Even residents not interested in marketing their homes care about living in a healthy, well-groomed and attractive environment. Find out how to maintain and enhance common elements like recreation areas, landscaping, lighting, roads and parking lots, windows and other exterior elements; signs and entrances, and much more. Learn how to finance the upkeep and improvement of these features, how to use volunteers, contain risks and sell your plans to the members.


Chapter 1—Landscaping
           Working with Professionals

Chapter 2—Recreation Areas
           Sports Fields
           Multipurpose Courts
           Tennis Courts
           Swimming Pools
           Gathering Spots

Chapter 3—Enhancing Common Areas
           Windows and Window Features
           Roads and Parking Lots
           Trash Collection Sites
           Water Features
           The Community Entrance

Chapter 4—Other Considerations
           Funding Options        
           Financial Considerations
           Legal Considerations
           Containing Risks
           Using Volunteers
           Selling the Plan to the Community

This guide is based on Enhancing Outdoor Spaces, (5354) by Douglas M. Kleine, PCAM, originally published in 1998 by Community Associations Institute. Reviewers of the original work include: Jackie Bartilucci, Eugenie D. Battle, Elizabeth Buchanan, Richard Casale, Ron Davis, PCAM, Lynette Findlay, Donald Lay, George Rohde, Anita Schenk, PCAM, Robert Stewart, PCAM, Robert Wadlow, PCAM, Bette Weseman, PCAM, and Barbara Wick.

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