Crisis Communications
The Definitive Guide to Managing the Message

ISBN: 978-007179-921-8
336 pages
Hard Bound edition
Author(s): Steven Fink
Product Format: Book
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The explosion of the Internet and, especially, social media, now requires business
and association leaders to be able to handle a crisis quickly and professionally
within moments. Human error, industrial accidents, criminal behavior, or natural
disasters—a crisis can have a major effect on your business or community if you
don’t manage public opinion effectively. In fact, managing the perception of the
crisis can be more important than dealing with its reality.
Here’s a complete toolkit to ensure your business or association runs smoothly
through a crisis. It includes proactive methods for preempting prospective crises,
ways to deal with mainstream and social media—even how to use them to your
advantage—and neutralize hostile media.
Find out how to choose the best spokesperson for the crisis; make wise, vigilant,
and defensible decisions under crisis-induced stress, tell the truth no matter what
and how to use social media outlets to communicate directly to the public about a crisis.
Includes in-depth case studies of Toyota, BP, and Penn State.
Chapter  1 - You Can't Make This Stuff Up
Chapter  2 - Defining Our Terms
Chapter  3 - What BP Should Have Said
Chapter  4 - Attitude Adjustments
Chapter  5 - Toyota: On a Slippery Crisis Communications Slope with no Brakes
Chapter  6 - Understanding Your Crisis
Chapter  7 - Shaping Your Crisis Communications Message
Chapter  8 – Spokespersons
Chapter  9 - Social Media and Digital Communications Or, Truth/Lies at the Speed of Light
Chapter 10 - Shakespeare Was Right: "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers."
Chapter 11 - Protecting Your Brand
Chapter 12 - Telling the Truth
Chapter 13 - Say It Ain't So, Joe! - The Penn State Crisis
Chapter 14 - Dealing with Death: Fatality Communications
Chapter 15 - Crisis Communications Primer
Chapter 16 - The Good, The Bad, The News Media... Or, Juggling Chain Saws
Chapter 17 - Senior Management: Your Own Worst Enemy?
Chapter 18 - Take Your Own Pulse, Or, What Were They Thinking?
Chapter 19 - Internal Crisis Communications
Chapter 20 - External Crisis Communications
Chapter 21 - Reputation Management and Reservoirs of Goodwill
Chapter 22 - Issues Management
Chapter 23 - Crisis Communications for Publicly-Traded Companies
Chapter 24 - Litigation, Depositions and Testimony
Chapter 25 - How to Break Bad News
Chapter 26 - The Blame Game
Chapter 27 - Crisis-Induced Stress
Chapter 28 - Making Defensible Decisions
Chapter 29 - Apologies: Shakespeare: Still right after all these years
Chapter 30 - Crisis Advertising: Does it Work?
Chapter 31 - Crisis Communications Plans
Chapter 32 - The Failing of Business Schools
Chapter 33 - Speed is of the Essence

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