Best Practices: Green Communities

ISBN: 978-0-914301-74-9
2009, 81 pages
Editor(s): Terry White
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The Foundation for Community Association Research is pleased to offer Green Communities, an 81-page resource on how to adopt environmentally friendly policies and practices and help your community association go green. Green Communities is the ninth Best Practices Report developed by the Foundation.

The report addresses important topics such as energy management, transportation, waste, building management, governing documents, land-use management, and much more. The publication includes four case studies, an appendix on the "Top 10 Ways to Help Your Community Go Green" and a comprehensive list of resources offering more information on environmental sustainability.

Green Communities is also available as a free PDF download. However, for those who want a printed version, it is available here at cost.

Here's an excerpt from the introduction: "As community managers and association leaders, we hold in the back of our minds the question: Can we improve the world for future generations? Sustainability is, in a general sense, the capacity to maintain a certain process or state indefinitely. In recent years, the concept has been applied to humanity, expressed as meeting the needs of the present population without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Can we set sustainability goals? Can we measure how well we are achieving them? And can we produce a feedback loop to observe, communicate and celebrate our successes? This report seeks to answer some of those questions."


Section One:
Defining Green

Section Two: Green Concepts and Sources You Can Use

Section Three: Energy Management

Section Four: Transportation Management

Section Five: Waste Management

Section Six: Building Management

Section Seven: Land-Use Management

Section Eight: Governing Documents


Appendix: Top 10 Ways to Help Your Community Go Green


Case Studies

  Case Study #1: Serenbe

  Case Study #2: 3400 Malone Condominium Association, Inc.

  Case Study #3: Kiawah Island Community Association, Inc.

  Case Study #4: Marlyn Condominium, Inc.

Additional Resources

Reference Notes


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