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Law Seminar Proceedings 2014

2014, 3100 pages
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Proceedings of CAI's Community Association Law Seminar 2014

Papers from the nation’s leading experts on community association law covering the unique issues related to this specialization. Includes numerous forms and sample documents. CDs are fully searchable and PC & Mac compatible.
2014 Law Seminar CD Contents

Improving Performance in Your Law Firm or Practice Area
Presented by Randall A. Miller, Esq., Joseph P. Garin, Esq.

Auditing Your Marketing and Business Development
Presented by Larry Bodine, Esq.

Case Law Update Part I
Presented by George E. Nowack Jr., Esq., Wilbert Washington II, Esq.
Prepared by Richard S. Ekimoto, Esq.

Taking the Bull($!+) by the Horns: Practical Tips for Effective and Efficient Association Litigation Management
Presented by E. Richard Kennedy, Esq., Gregg Vaughan, Jennifer Wojciechowski, JD

Ethics for Community Association Attorneys: There’s More!
Presented by Janet L. S. Powers, Esq., Margaret Wangler, Esq.

Parking, Pets and Pools: Nuances from the Fair Housing Act
Presented by Marla J. Diaz, Esq., Raymond J. Diaz, Esq., Andrew J. Terrell, Esq.

Panel of Pundits
Panel members: Scott B. Carpenter, Esq., Candyce D. Cavanagh, Esq., Richard S. Ekimoto, Esq., Stephen M. Marcus, Esq., Ronald L. Perl, Esq., Susan B. Tarley, Esq.

Wayne Hyatt Lecture Series with Dan Abrams
Presented by Dan Abrams

Looking Within to Identify the Unique Opportunities with Existing Clients
Presented by Jeffrey A. Beaumont, Esq., Matt D. Ober, Esq.

Working Effectively with Experts in Construction Defect Claims Investigations
Presented by Jon H. Epsten, Esq., A. Judson Taylor, AIA, LEED™ AP

Sticks and Stones: Defamation in Community Associations
Presented by Steven L. Sugarman, Esq., Jeffrey Van Grack, Esq.

Community Association Bankruptcies: An Easy Way to Dodge a Judgment or a Legal Disaster?
Presented by John D. Morris, Esq., Quinn A. Sperry, Esq.

Board Confidentiality in a World of Transparency
Presented by Jennifer A. Loheac, Esq., J. David Ramsey, Esq.

The Trouble with Weed (and Other Flammable Materials)
Presented by Michael D. Brandt, Esq., David A. Firmin, Esq., Lindsay S. Smith, Esq.

Case Law Update Part II & Federal Legislative Update
Presented by C. Scott Canady, George E. Nowack Jr., Esq., Wilbert Washington II, Esq.
Prepared by Richard S. Ekimoto, Esq.

Cutting Edge or Bleeding Edge? Maximizing Technology for Associations
Presented by Melissa M. Garcia, Esq., Jeffrey E. Kaman, Esq.

Discovery and Depositions: How to Be Prepared Before a Suit is Filed
Presented by A. Christopher Florio, Esq., Michael Mendillo, John Randy Sawyer, Esq.

Community Association Voting: Evolving Trends in Membership Elections and the Authorization of Corporate Action
Presented by David J. Graf, Esq., Steven S. Weil, Esq.

Case Study: Repair Projects, Special Assessments, Association Divisiveness and Litigation
Presented by Michael Feldman, Esq., Matthew N. Perlstein, Esq.

Hot Topics for Community Association Lawyers
Presented by Joseph J. Cusimano, Esq., Loren Rosenberg Lightman, Esq., Jason LoMonaco, Esq., Kelly G. Richardson, Esq.

How to Read Your Policy: Insurance Through the Eyes of the Agent, Attorney and Claims Representative
Presented by Jason E. Fisher, Esq., Maryanne Larsen, Ron Wright

Ethics for Associations and the Attorney’s Role
Presented by Sandra K. Denton, CMCA, LSM, PCAM, Brady E. Ortego, Esq.

Collections, The Perfect Storm: How State Laws, Class-Action Lawsuits and Federal Regulations May Undermine Association Finances
Presented by Sandra L. Gottlieb, Esq., Shawn Siders, Esq., Lucia Anna Trigiani, Esq.
Moderated by Andrew S. Fortin, Esq.

CIRMS Insurance Master’s Program

*Insuring Forward: Amending Governing Documents to Meet Today’s Insurance and Risk Management Challenges
*Changes in the Insurance Services Office (ISO) Commercial Property and Liability Forms and Additional Insured Endorsements
*Understanding Community Association Commercial Umbrella and Excess Liability Insurance Policies
Presented by Kevin Davis, CIRMS, Ken Hager, AAI, Jude Landis, Robin C. Manougian, CIRMS, Joel Meskin, Esq., CIRMS, Kevin Miller, ARM, Robert Morgan, CPCU, CIRMS, Gary Newman, Laurie S. Poole, Esq., Jamie Schraff, CIRMS, Tifinni Tegan, CIC, moderated by Clifford J. Treese, CPCU, ARM, CIRMS

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