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Accounting for Managers

ISBN: 0-07-142174-2
2004, 225 pages
Author(s): William H. Webster
Product Format: Book
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How much money will this project cost? Where is it coming from? Can my association get more? If not, why?

As a professional in a management position, accounting will play a hand in virtually every decision you make. Accounting For Managers explains the critical accounting concepts you need to understand in this vital area, and then demonstrates their implementation and application in everyday business. It gives you the insights you need to track how money flows through and fuels your organization, including:

  • How to speak and understand the language of business accounting
  • Financial relationships between and among everyday business activities
  • Next-generation systems including Balanced Scorecard, Just-in-Time, and more

Before you truly understand a business–and how to succeed in that business–you must understand its cash flow. Let Accounting For Managers give you the knowledge you need to talk intelligently about accounting issues and questions and, just as important, enhance your productivity and value to both your organization and your career.

This book contains:

  • Clear definitions of key accounting terms and jargon
  • How accounting smarts can help your department–career
  • How-to hints for efficient, effective use of accounting
  • Advice for minimizing errors when "working with numbers"
  • Warning signs of small accounting errors that could become disastrous
  • Examples where you'll find specific accounting tools and procedures


Chapter 1 – How to Speak Accounting
Chapter 2 – Concepts and Principles, Checks, and Balances
Chapter 3 – Financial Statements
Chapter 4 – Financial Ratios
Chapter 5 – Management Accounting
Chapter 6 – Management Cost Accounting
Chapter 7 – Cost Accounting in Action
Chapter 8 – Other Management Accounting Systems
Chapter 9 – Taxation
Chapter 10 – Advanced Fraud
Chapter 11 – Where Will All This New Knowledge Take You?
Appendix: Resources, Accounting for Managers


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